Zebras fielded a variety of ground-based and aerial vehicles during the Great War, from tanks, to wagons, to zeppelins.

History of UseEdit

Fallout: EquestriaEdit

It is mentioned that, despite Equestrian aerial superiority, the Zebras were capable of fielding zeppelins during the war. It is unknown what exactly these zeppelins were used for. Not much is known about Zebra ground armor.

Rising DawnEdit

Zebra armored vehicles were used extensively during the war. A variety of such vehicles were used for fire support, anti-armor, or fast-attack purposes. Such vehicles included a selection of armored tanks, and transport or combat wagons.

Zebra Vehicle Types in Side StoriesEdit

Fallout: EquestriaEdit


Zeppelins were employed by the Zebras during the Great War.

Rising DawnEdit

Ustoris Light TankEdit

The Ustoris Light Tank was a treaded, lightly-armored fire-support vehicle. Armed with a 20mm autocannon for its main gun, and up to two machine guns, it could support infantry against enemy aircraft, as well as engage opposing infantry with blistering hails of autocannon fire. While not as heavily-armored as other Zebra tanks, it can withstand small arms fire. Zebra infantry march behind tanks such as these, using them as cover from enemy fire.

The Ustoris first appeared in Chapter 12 of Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.

Invictus Super HeavyEdit

The Invictus Super Heavy Tank was a heavily armored, magically enchanted war machine.

Towering fourteen feet over even the tallest of equines, it is a tracked, gun-mounted fortress. Armed with a 120mm cannon, a 30mm autocannon, and a pair of anti-aircraft missile batteries, the Invictus can take and dish out immense amounts of punishment. While limited in number, the Invictis Super Heavy can change the course of a battle with its deployment.

The Invictus first appeared in Chapter 12 of Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.

Bound to the hull with inscriptions conjured by sinister dark magic, is a sacrificed soul. This 'machine spirit' strengthens the tank's hull and guides the crews' aim when in combat. The souls bound to the Invictus' hull are capable of limited psionic communication, and appear to retain some semblance of their sapience and sentience. Their minds, driven insane from years of being disembodied from their mortal forms, are clouded by an overwhelming bloodlust. These diabolic emotions resonate from these half Zebra, half machines when they are on the field, rallying zebra soldiers with their maddened, psionic battle cries.

In Chapter 12 of Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn, it is hinted that the souls bound within Invictus tanks are victims of a bloody ritual that involves the mutilation of the sacrifice.

These spell-bound souls, while rendering it neigh invincible in the face of small arms fire, can be permanently overloaded with enough firepower to make the Invictus' hull as vulnerable as any other, unenchanted armored vehicle. While certainly not invincible, the Invictus is still a terrifying sight on the battlefield.

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