Zasili Vatsaev is a unicorn stallion and arguably the best sniper in Stalliongrad, if not the entire Wasteland. He is a minor character who appears in Fallout: Equestria - The Last Sentinel.


Little is known about Zasili thus far in the story, though it is known that he was with Frost Windchill during the push to take back Stalliongrad from raider control. Currently, he patrols the walls erected since then to protect the city. Fellow sentries look up to him as the prime example of a true sniper. He also clings to his ancestral Russyin, though he can speak broken Equestrian if need be.



Zasili is described as having a pale-white coat and a silvery beard and moustache. It is presumed that his mane and tail are of the same color, though the heavy wintry coat and pilotka he wears obscure them from view.


Zasili may seem gruff due to his accent and tone of voice, but he is in actuality quite friendly. He is defensive when it comes to his friends, though he does have a competitive streak- he has to in order to keep up his aim.


None can boast that their aim is anywhere close to Zasili's. His skill with the sniper rifle is legendary, as he can put bullets downrange exactly in the pockmark made by the last with frightening consistency. If there's a target the other snipers on the Stalliongrad walls can't hit, they call for Zasili to take it out.


Zasili uses a scoped Mosin-Nagant 91-30 bolt-action rifle as his primary weapon, a rifle immortalized by its prevalence in the Battle for Stalliongrad during The Great War.

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