The Voice of the Southern Wasteland
The Voice of the Southern Wasteland
Full Name Xiraia
alias Melody
Race Zebra
Sex Mare
Faction/Role New Canterlot Republic
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Greetings everypony out there in Pony Post-apocalyptia.
– Xiraia

Xiraia, better known to the rest of the Wasteland as Melody is a Zebra who serves as the DJ for NCR Radio in the fanfic Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel.

History Edit

The NCR Edit

Very little is actually known about Xiraia's upbringing, she's implied to have had family in Stable 3, but beyond that nothing is known about her family.

What we do know is that sometime following the events of Fallout: Equestria, Xiraia was the apprentice to Homage, and next in line to be DJ Pon3. However Homage retired from the job and Xiraia chose to find her own voice instead of continuing the legacy because she didn't believe she was worthy of doing so.

Instead she became known as Melody, the new voice of the Wasteland.

The War in the South Edit

When the war between the New Canterlot Republic and the Crimson Empire broke out, Xiraia came south to help boost troop morale. She set up shop in New Maregny after it was liberated from the Empire, and started broadcasting across the wasteland from there.

Soon she started hearing stories of a new Stable Dweller who had done work with the NCR and helped Ponies. She recognized that this was a great potential to rally the Wastelanders around a symbol like they had done for Littlepip 5 years prior, and dubbed the new Stable Dweller, Ruby Starlight, the Jewel of the Wasteland.

She later interviewed Ruby when she came to New Maregny, and pointed her in the direction of a possible source of the Firerain that had been plaguing this part of Equestria for two centuries.

After the War Edit

Sometime after the end of the war, Xiraia moved to Tenpony Tower and formally took on the name DJ Pon3. She at one point encountered Scootaloo, and interviewed her in hopes that someday when it had to be revealed that she was still alive, the interview would help the Wastelanders understand Scootaloo better.

When the war with the Enclave began she often spoke out openly against the Enclave over the radio to counter Winter Breeze's radio broadcasts. However this came to backfire on her when the Enclave attacked Manehattan and Tenpony Tower, not only cutting off DJ Pon3's broadcasts for the first time in years, but also exposing the truth of her identity to Equestria.

Personality Edit

Xiraia is usually incredibly confident, the one exception being when she talks about her past with Homage. She puts on a brave face to help the Wasteland inhabitants and always uses what she knows to help others.

Relationships Edit

Homage Edit

Xiraia as previously stated was Homage's student, and holds the DJ in high regard, which is why she does not yet consider herself worthy of following in her hoofsteps.

Notes Edit

  • Like Homage in the original fanfic, Xiraia/Melody was primarily based on Three Dog from Fallout 3, she even starts her broadcasts in a similar manner to him.

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