Xamuros is a zebra stallion and a side character featured in Fallout: Equestria - The Last Sentinel.


Currently, little is known about Xamuros other than that he helps Chief Thunderhooves at his store in Stalliongrad. He is also a member of the city militia and has had confrontations of some sort with Frost Windchill previously, though it appears they have it resolved in the present. What a zebra is doing so deep in Equestrian territory previous to the opening of Stable 3 is unknown at the moment.



Xamuros is described as a tall, lanky zebra stallion with a glyphmark resembling something between a tribal insignia and a crosshair. His mane is done up in a short Mohawk, and he is usually garbed in light winter wear.


Xamuros is friendly enough, though he is perhaps more irritable than most of Frost's friends. He simply refuses to use curse words for some odd reason.


Xamuros is an accomplished sharpshooter, able to accurately lay down rapid single shots from a distance. He frequently competes with Zasili because of this.


Xamuros owns a DSA-58 OSW SOPMOD (Special Or Peculiar MODifications)- essentially a battle carbine variant of the FN FAL. An interesting note is that this was a weapon employed by the Equestrian Armed Forces during The Great War. He also possesses a large-bore revolver for those just-in-case situations.

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