The World Tree Company is a plantation that operates in Poneva city. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


The World Tree Company, led by Steam Sprocket, of the three other plantations, is unique in that it employs free labor and wartime technology to cultivate and yield crops within the halls of their Stable-Tec built facility. Their hydroponic gardens are fed by water that is purified by water talismans, numbering in the several dozens. They are working in tandem with the Ponevan resistance movement, supplying food and supplies to the Orphanage and the Fallen Angels, as well as selling food in the open markets in Poneva city.

While not possessing a large defense force, the Stable-Tec tower in which they operate from, is the most fortified and well-defended building in the entire city. They field a small army of robots, automated defense turrets, and less than a hundred defense personnel that guard the tower from threats from the outside.


The WTC was founded by Steam Sprocket who helped convert the Stable-Tec tower into a massive hydroponic garden. They have operated through the use of paid employees and cutting edge technology since the very beginning, setting them apart from the other plantations. 

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