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A main character of Fallout: Equestria - Old Souls.


Wings is a diminutive Griffon hen with chocolate fur, cream feathers, and distinctive blue eyes.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Brash, unapologetic, and upfront, Wings can come across as rough to those who do not know her. To those who do know her... she's still these things, but not in a negative sense. Though often at odds with Griffon cultural values, Wings nevertheless honours any and all debts owed without fail.

A talented gunslinger, Wings employs twin revolvers in battle. In close combat, her talons and fearlessness lend themselves well to her brazen fighting style.

The story so farEdit

Wings has travelled with Schwarzwald for a long time, though is still very aware that there is much she doesn't know about her. Still, Wings and Schwarzwald trust each other implicitly. They first encounter Snowflake and Bosco in the forests north of Lethbridle, where the latter pair warns them of an imminent Raider attack, and then assists in fending the attacks off. Wings declares that she owes Snowflakea favour for this (a second was struck from the record after Snowflake vomited on Wings' claw).

Wings is tasked with the other favour when Snowflake asks her to watch over Bosco and Naiara, while they are in Lethbridle. Wings and Schwarzwald never meet Bosco and Naiara while in town, but the debt is settled. She next meets Snowflake in Vanchoofer, where they enjoy a night out before booking a hotel room. During the night, Wings reveals to Snowflake that her name is not really Wings, though she doesn't say what it is.

Wings later encounters Cassiopeia Venatici, who saves her from an ambush. Upon learning that Cassie's sister is being held by Steel Rangers, Wings vows to help Cassie free her sister, to repay the debt. The two begin to have doubts about Snowflake's safety in the Wasteland, and lure the Unicorn to Whinniepeg, where they relieve her of her Pipbuck and Memory Orb in an effort to dissuade Snowflake from drawing unwanted attention.

After being reunited with her sister, Cassie begins travelling with Wings and Schwarzwald, which causes their relationship with Snowflake's group to deteriorate further, eventually erupting into a battle in the Woodpecker Raider village. Wings fought Bosco claw-to-knife, with the two earning each other's respect.

Wings and her group agree to help Snowflake Bosco and Undertow, who had been kidnapped and taken to Whinniepeg by Gold Fog creatures. Wings reluctantly agrees to seek information from the Griffons of Gull Gulf. She makes a deal with Wicker and Eitom, two of McCoy's Monsters, to do as they say at some point in the near future. After rescuing Bosco and Undertow, the former joins Wings' group while the latter goes with Snowflake.

During a pitched battle between Steel Rangers, Plottawan slavers, and Snowflake's Raider army, Wings arrives to assist Snowflake, who is then shot through the chest. Wings takes Snowflake to Sprinkles Supplies, staying with her until she recovers.

While Snowflake has the poor reputation of Red Ice, Wings is hailed as the heroic Blue Fire. her exploits are often held up by DJ Pon3 as examples for others. Ironically, she and Snowflake gained these monikers entirely separate from each other, and were for some time unaware of the other's pseudonym.

Wings' actions as Blue Fire have convinced her long-time partner, Schwarzwald, that she is destined to become one of the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and to take part in the Gardens of Equestria. Wings herself is unaware of Schwarzwald's opinion on the matter, as Schwarzwald fears that her finding out would influence her actions.

Wings comes to trust Snowflake, at least as far as being able to see the Wasteland for what it is. Because of this, she returns the stolen Memory Orb, repaired by Esto in the interim, and watches over Snowflake for the three days it takes to view it.

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