Title Marefort's Temptress
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Marefort
Family Father - Deceased

Foundation - Adopted Daughter - Deceased

Status Deceased
Wildfire was a mare and lifelong friend of Hired Gun/Silver Storm. She acted as the town's temptress, teasing and tempting ponies to have sex with her. She often worked with Silver Storm as a gate guard, watching for traders and bandits on their way to Marefort.



Hired Gun and Wildfire grew up together in Marefort. They adopted a little filly named Foundation who helped strengthen Hired and Wildfire's relationship. Wildifre was also given a PipBuck by the Crimson Hoof, which she gave to Silver Storm, claiming to have bought it from a trader. Foundation for reasons unknown to both Silver Storm and Wildfire, killed herself by hanging. This eventually drove Wildfire and Silver Storm to split up.

Present DayEdit

Silver Storm and Wildfire were listening to the radio, specifically DJ-Pon3, hearing of Littlepip's exploits in the Equestrian Wasteland. They witness a caravan being attacked by the Crimson Hoof, the faction who control Marefort and several other towns. When Silver decides to try and rescue her brother, Meadow from the Crimson Hoof servitude, having watched him slaughter the caravan from afar.

Wildfire accompanies Silver Storm to the Crimson Hoof base, Stable 42. They plan their next move outside, but Wildfire is killed by a headshot from a sniper, Hired kills the sniper and weeps over Wildfire's death. Silver Storm assaults Stable 42 in revenge, slaughtering several Crimson Hooves.

Post DeathEdit

After Hired escapes and makes her way out of Crimson Hoof territory, she takes on the name Hired Gun and tries to forget her past, including Wildfire. Hired Gun tries to repress painful memories of Wildifre, often disassociating herself and Silver Storm. She encounters hallucinations and vivid dreams of Wildfire in the tunnels at the edge of Dise and in the pre-war facility at Timber.



Wildifre is described as an attractive mare with a red coat, mane and tail.


Wildfire was a particularly flirty and cheerful pony, often more optimistic than her down to earth friend, Silver Storm. She was described as Mareforts temptress and was known to have bedded other mares.

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