Thinkin' something about me? Out with it? You got something AGAINST me, huh? All starin'? Ah dun like that! Ah dun like people staring, cause they don't see the real truth, right? So I make em not able to see, how 'bout that? 'bout we do that?
– Wildcard intimidating Murky
Chapter 15
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Raiders


Status Alive

Wildcard is a unicorn stallion, first encountered by Murky when he is brought to a meeting of slavers by Chainlink Shackles.



Wildcard was one of Brimstone Blitz's big four: a group of powerful raiders that commanded the rest of Brimstone's clan. Wildcard, alongside the rest of the clan, committed numerous atrocities across the wasteland. He frequently challenged and fought Brimstone for leadership of the clan, but never managed to defeat him. Wildcard was captured, along with many other raiders, by Red Eye's forces.

After fighting and surviving the Pit (an arena in Fillydelphia), Wildcard became the head gladiator, training and honing the skills of the other gladiators and killing off the weaklings.

Present DayEdit

Wildcard much like Barb, is used as a weapon by Chainlink Shackles and his inner circle. Wildcard torments Murky, frequently terrifying Murky and trying to get him to disobey orders in front of Shackles. He later tracks down Murky as Shackles ordered and captured him when he tried to escape and fight back.



Wildcard is a heavily muscled unicorn stallion, with a dirty white coat. His mane is dyed with hues of numerous colours and he has mismatched eyes and a horrible scar that goes around and across his snout. He wears jewellery made from bones and hardened leather armor. His cutie mark is a hook tinged with blood.


Wildcard is a seemingly unstable individual, who goes from happy, cheerful and friendly to aggressive in seconds. He also has a sadistic joy in causing pain and misery like all raiders. He enjoys fighting and prefers melee combat. He lacks any kind of fear and was known for fighting far more powerful opponents like Brimstone Blitz. Wildcard also enjoys drinking heavily.


Wildcard is a powerful telekinetic with excellent control of his magic and reportedly knows at least a dozen combat oriented spells. He is an experienced gladiator/raider who is skilled with using a large hook or his machetes. He can also ingest large quantities of alcohol without any ill-effect.


Wildcard carries a large hook to presumably drag his opponents in for close combat. He also uses two machetes and wears hardened leather armor.


  • A Wildcard is an unpredictable element that may or may not pay off.
  • Wildcard contrasts Barb both in his colour scheme and in his combat style

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