'Wicked Slit doesn't throw lifelines...she severs them
– Murky Number Seven - describing Wicked Slit.
Wicked Slit
Wicked slit by kalemon-d721osr

Wicked Slit


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Full Name Wicked Slit
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Status Alive

Wicked Slit is a slave master unicorn mare. A minor character in the story Fallout: Equestria - Murky Number Seven.

Wicked Slit is a cruel, semi-psychotic mare, who constantly carries a wickedly curved knife with her wherever she goes. When in her office the knife is on display, embedded in the wood. She has a broken horn, which makes the use of magic very painful, which makes her constant carrying of her beloved knife all the more fearsome.

She is in charge of the steel foundries in Fillydelphia.

Wicked often had a habit of claiming slave bucks for her own and chaining them up in her quarters for her sexual use until she's bored with them. Murky Number Seven once had the bad luck of interrupting her during one of these occasions.

Murky later got his revenge for this by pickpocketing the goggles she used to protect her eyes in the foundry. One early act of bravery on his part.

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