Doctor Wheat Grass
Wheat Grass Clothed
Full Name Wheat Grass
Title Doctor
alias Doc, Wheaty
Race Unicorn
Sex Male
Faction/Role Dodge Junction
Status Alive
A delivery and possible promise of booze? You can get behind that. You agree, telling him this delivery is on the house. He reminds you that he just spent the last two days making sure your face doesn't fall apart and keeping you alive. You cough humbly in response and take the package.
– Narrator
Page 1
Doctor Wheat Grass is a physician in the town of Dodge Junction. He was the one to care for Natascha after she was left for dead and her delivery stolen. He speaks with some slight British slang, and surprisingly his cutie mark does not seem to be relevant to his profession.

History Edit

Background Edit

Wheat Grass is the (presumably) only doctor in the town of Dodge Junction. Two days before the start of the story, he happened upon Natascha's unconscious body, brought her into the town, and performed medical surgery on her- saving her life.

Traits Edit

Wheat Grass comes across as slightly scatterbrained- having a package he'd been meaning to get to Cherry Smiles at the Dodge Junction Saloon literally down the road from him but forgetting to do so for weeks.

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