Weapon Mods, short for weapon modifications, refers to additional equipment that can be added to a weapon to improve its performance. These can range from elaborate to simple in terms of complexity, from scopes, bayonets, extended magazines and silencers to more complex add-ons.

Weapon Mods in Side StoriesEdit

New Pegas Edit

Dead Shot purchased several weapon mods for his varmint rifle, specifically a silencer and a scope.

The Last Sentinel Edit

Frost Windchill's old assault rifle, Luna's Fortitude, has several mods added to it by Rig. The mods included a holographic sight with a quartz insert for multiple levels of magnification, triple magazines and a suppressed grenade launcher strapped underneath it. Frost's pistol, Night Fang, has a screwdriver bayonet fitted to the barrel and an expanded mag well to accept 45-round double-stacked magazines. Lastly, Frost's shotgun, Luna's Judgment, has a reconstructed feed to bypass the underbarrel tube magazine and accept shell drums, a crowbar welded to the top to serve as a stock and impromptu bayonet, and a heavier barrel in order to fire more powerful shells.

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