Wave was one of the resident Artificial Intelligence's (A.I.'s) from an unmarked stable, presumably Stable 0. The stable itself was located along the coastline, near Buckston.


After the WarEdit

Wave was the companion A.I. of its stable's Overmare, Brightest Future. Wave was programmed to observe how the pony inhabitants of the stable adjusted to a life with advanced technology and companion A.I's. Things got out of hnad when it was confronted by the Overmare and promptly uploaded himself off of her PipBuck. Wave downloaded himself onto the A.I Core on the maintenance level and absorbed the other artificial intelligences into itself to give it more processing power.

It's primary programming dictated it must preserve itself and observe the other stable dwellers. Most of the stable's population were killed, due to being outwardly hostile ponies who tried to shutdown Wave. Wave released the surviving Stable dwellers who weren't killed by its attempts to take over and defend itself.

Present DayEdit

Wave watches Mach as he explores its home stable and tries to kill him several times. Mach however, makes it to his A.I core and destroys the various maneframes that help power Wave and keep him online. The corrupt A.I attempts to transfer to Mach's scoutbuck, but fails since it is made from a PipBuck 2000 which is incompatible with his own more advanced technological systems.

Mach finally destroys the A.I core with his Coilgun, causing Wave to shirek in fear and panic, before shutting down permanently.



Wave is seemingly emotionless and the majority of its actions are dictated by its primary programming of self preservation. It had no moral problems with killing the stable inhabitants or absorbing their artifical intelligence's.


Wave had control of many of the stables systems, including the camera's, defenses and life support. It could also absorb other A.I and transfer to other maneframes such as a PipBuck.

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