The Watchers are a faction of ponies established in the Caledonian Wasteland. They notably provide medical care that is difficult to come by in the Wasteland.



The Watchers are an organisation of healers and surgeons that operate throughout Caledonia. The group were established several years ago and operate in several locations, as well as travelling to outlying villages and settlements to give medical aid. They provide cybernetic augmentation and upgrades as well and will help ponies, free of charge.

One of their more notable outposts is a large compound in the city of Dise. The group also takes in orphans and provides them with training in medicine and science.

Present DayEdit

The Watchers have recently suffered a schism were some of their members objected to cybernetic augmentation. They believed the augments were an affront to Celestia, which has led to them discriminating against cyborgs as well as other non-pony species. The schism resulted in the creation of the bigoted Celestia's Vision.

The Watchers themselves, have continued to advance medical and scientific fields and provide medical aid to ponies everywhere. Hired Gun first met the Watchers at a town she collapsed near, the Watchers treated her for Star Metal poisoning and gave her a new cybernetic leg. Hired Gun later has some unauthorised tests performed on her when she reaches the Watcher compound in Dise, due to her unique case of surviving Star Metal poisoning.

The Watchers pay Hired Gun for the tests performed on her and also provide medical aid to her and her companions on other occasions. They also try to provide enough Rad-Away after a small balefire device was detonated outside Dise.


The Watcher's abilities and unbiased views on who they treat, make them a powerful faction within Dise. They are also highly skilled with medicine and have a wealth of knowledge on pre-war technology, particularly cybernetics. The Watchers also train orphan foals in science and medicine, raising them within their organisation.

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