If you want something heroic, how about Crusaders?
– Littlepip's suggestion
Chapter 41

The Wasteland Crusaders are a faction in Fallout: Equestria.


The Wasteland Crusaders are a small band of adolescent ponies from The Republic who roam the Equestrian Wasteland fighting raiders. Although never officially given names, the group consists of an amber mare (likely named Amber Waves, and who displayed signs of affection towards Littlepip), an olive buck, and a khaki-coated buck. Littlepip first meets the three ponies near Fluttershy's Cottage wearing Raider Barding while fighting against Raiders that attacked The Republic, the three future Crusaders sought to follow the path that the Stable Dweller did to go in and rescue the other fillies and colts taken by the Raiders. The three of them work together with Littlepips' Party to help out in the rescue before departing for New Appleloosa.

The group is later found in New Appleloosa during the Enclave attack tending to the wounded in the aftermath of Ditzys' "Sonic Radboom". During Silver Bell's party, Littlepip overhears the three discussing what to name their group and suggests the "Crusaders," paying homage to the original Cutie Mark Crusaders, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.


  • While the group is discussing what to name themselves, the buck suggests the 'Ouroboros,' as a symbol of renewal. This idea is quickly shot down by the amber mare who sees nothing heroic about a gang of snakes. Littlepip agrees, wondering "What kind of group of friends would name themselves after snakes?"
  • Another group of Crusaders exist in Project Horizons, although they are completely unrelated to the ones in Fallout Equestria due to being trade ponies.

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