Vigilance being floated by Blackjack's magic.
~ DAfavicon Mistermech

Vigilance is a 12.7mm pistol owned by Blackjack. She recieves the pistol after her return to Stable 99. Vigilance is a powerful and well-maintained weapon. It serves as a reminder of both Stable 99 and Blackjack's mother and ancestors, particularly the legendary Card Trick.



When Stable 99 was established and the roles were assigned to each mare. Blackjack's ancestor Card Trick brought her 12.7mm pistol into the Stable with her. The weapon was then handed down to her adoptive daughter Tarot and has since been passed down to every mare who held the position of Chief of Security ever since, essentially all of Blackjack's Stable-dwelling ancestors carried this heirloom due to the inheritance of position that Stable 99 follows.

Modern DayEdit

Eventually Blackjack returned to Stable 99 after she learned there was heavy Raider activity in the area. The source of Raiders was in fact Stable 99 itself & its infected residents who had begun acting like Raiders, terrorizing a large portion of Hoofington. After clearing out the Stable of infected Raiders/Stable Dwellers, Blackjack recovered Vigilance off the crucified corpse of her mother and began to use it regularly in combat.



Vigilance by otherone1-d4qggfl

A profile view of Vigilance, modified from the 12.7mm Pistol skin in Fallout: New Vegas.
~ DAfavicon otherone1

The mouth grip on the pistol has the names of all the previous owners inscribed on it. The weapon is in excellent condition and was carried by Blackjacks mother. When Blackjack fled Stable 99, she reflected that she would probably never see it, or her mother again.


The names carved into Vigilance's grip are:

  • Card Trick
  • Tarot
  • Little Poker
  • Full House
  • 52 Pick-up
  • Straight Flush
  • Aces
  • Royal Flush
  • Bridge
  • Hearts
  • Gin Rummy
  • Go Fish
  • Blackjack

  • Bouillotte.
  • Beauty.
  • Starshine.
  • Astrolabe.
  • Star Sparkle.
  • Prominence.
  • Twilight Shield.
  • Night Watcher.
  • Glimmershine

Behind the ScenesEdit

Vigilance is based on the 12.7mm pistol found in Fallout: New Vegas. Its ammunition is presumably similar to the real-world .50 Action Express or .50 GI pistol cartridges.

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