Versatility and Quick Scope Statuette
~ DAfavicon Burnout42

Versatility is a uniquely named sniper rifle that can use sniper rounds, magically enhanced energy rounds, and pure energy blasts. The weapon is owned by Quick Scope and is his primary, long range weapon.


Versatility is a custom-built sniper rifle owned by the ex-mercenary, Quick Scope. The weapon is able to be wielded like a normal mouth-grip rifle/battle saddle weapon but it can also be wielded by a hand, like a griffon talo/diamond dog paw etc.

This suits Quick Scope as he can switch to firing the weapon with his cybernetic hoof which includes a cyberhand or using the traditional mouth grip. The weapon's loadout/ammo can also be switched which makes the weapon, very versatile, hence the weapons name. The energy round loadout is capable of piercing thick armor, like heavy metal armor or power armor.


  • The weapon is a fusion of an energy weapon and sniper rifle
  • Is desgined for Quick Scope's unique fighting style

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