Verity in his centurion attire.

"There is more than one way to die on a battlefield Artemis." Verity - Chapter 12 pt. 3


   Verity Preensdale is a seasoned centurion and ranking member in the Dreadsaw Legion. He is a major character in  Fallout Equestria and The Number Station and Artemis's love interest. More quiet than anything, Verity is prone to cynicism and a tactical way of thinking. He was hatched in Gryphondale to Legion parents and has served the Legion with distinction for years.

   Verity was originally the father of two children with his two wives but the hatchlings did not survive to adolescence. Perhaps it was that staggering loss that gives him his fatalistic if grim outlook on life and people.

      He met Artemis in Gryphondale after she had defeated some lesser legionnaires. He had condemned the lesser legionnaires to death after they had disgraced the Legion by losing to woman and took upon himself to personally dispose of Artemis for rising above a womans' role. To Verity's surprise Artemis defeated him by nearly strangling him. After suffering such a disgrace Verity had to flee Gryphondale before word got out among the legionnaires. Since Artemis had bested him that meant she was his surperior and has decided to travel with her and the others. 

Verity specializes in melee combat preferring his sword to an actual firearm. 


Sex Male
Head White-Yellow
Coat Cornflower Blue
Race Griffon

Two Ex-Wives(Unnamed as of now)

Two Children (Deceased)

Artemis (Love Interest)

Factional Affiliations Dreadsaw Legion (Centurion ~Ex)


  • Verity takes less shame in his defeat upon realizing Artemis is the daughter of Maric, a legendary Legate and a founder of the Legion itself.
  • He confesses that he resents the simplistic, base look on reproduction that the Legion exhibits.
  • His sword is actually crafted from Hellhound claws. 

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