Vani Windfall was a pre-war griffin and old friend of Frost Windchill.



Vani originally came from the Griffin homeland of Aldorna before she moved to Equestria. She arrived in Manehattan where she set up a nightclub, The Lazy Dog- a "juvie-joint" that catered to younger ponies/griffins, etc.

Before Luna's ReturnEdit

Vani met Frost Windchill (then Hokkaido) when he was seeking employment in her club. After explaining that Frost could not be employed unless he was older due to Manehattan's strict child labour laws, she wrote him up a contract in which she promised to hire Frost and any of his friends as soon as it was legal to hire them. After new labour laws were passed, Vani deduced that Hokkaido was the one who was behind it all and showed him more respect. She hired Frost as agreed and many of his friends to work in her nightclub.

After several years of good business and large profits, Vani decided to retire, signing over the night club to Hokkaido's ownership. He graciously accepted and made arrangements for her personal belongings and Aldornan desk to be moved to her new home.

After Luna's ReturnEdit

Vani later helped Frost legally regain ownership of The Lazy Dog after it was taken over by one of his former gang members and later met him in Manehattan after his return from Canterlot, reminiscing about old times.



She is a female griffin described as being lithe and petite.


Vani was a careful and experienced business owner who wouldn't budge on certain subjects, like hiring young workers below Manehattan's legal age limit. She was willing to negotiate terms for hiring workers and always stuck to her contracts. She was fond of her homeland Aldorna and treasured some of the items she had imported from there, such as her desk.


Vani was experienced in running nightclubs and seizing potential opportunities. She was also shrewd enough to deduce that Hokkaido was the one who managed to influence the vote on the new child labour laws, allowing him and his friends to be hired. She was good at raking in large profits and made enough money to retire comfortably at a relatviely young age.


  • Her surname Windfall is a term used to describe unexpected profit.

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