The Vanhoover Region (also called the Baltimare Wasteland) is a portion of Equestria that surrounds, and ultimately bases all it's commerce and governance around the pre-war city of Vanhoover. This region appears in Fallout: Equestria - Purity.


The Vanhoover Region is located to the east of the Equestrian Heartland, and generally covers a 200km radius from Vanhoover.

The reach of the Goddess here is limited, the strongest point being a small radio-station on a mountain to the west where two wings of alicorns reside. Due to limited contact with the Goddess, the alicorns here have some degree of individuality.

To the east, there is a small canyon that leads into the zebra homeland , but a large rockslide has closed it off. Near the canyon are Stables 9 and Z.

Vanhoover (the city) is built in the centre of the Vanhoover Region, hence the name. Next to this city are Stables 72, 113 and 95 (respectively further away from the ex-metropolis). There are trade routes running between Stable 113 and Baltimare, as well as other outlying towns.

The Grand Pegasus Enclave's reach is also quite limited in the Vanhoover Region - seeing as there is only one cloud city, Feathertip, within its borders.

There are also many minor settlements within the Vanhoover Region, such as Harmony and Gintown.

The Vanhoover Region's most common wild animal is the radger; an irradiated, mutant version of a badger.

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