The University is a pre-war establishment in the Hoofington area and is used as a base of operations for the Collegiate and their personal assassins/bounty hunters, The Zodiac Clan.


The University is a pre-war educational and medical institution. The University and its facilities remained remarkably intact after the apocalypse and were taken over and repaired by the Collegiate, when the claimed the pre-war ruins. The main institute is used as a hospital where the Collegiate charges for use of their facilities and offer advanced to mundane medical treatment for the right price, to any wasteland pony.

The University also has an observatory which is still fully functional and includes a digital lightshow that displays the night sky or it can be manipulated to display a face as shown by Dr. Zodiac. The observatory is used as a sanctum of sorts by Dr. Zodiac where she can also access various computers and control numerous robots. The Zodiac clan also make their home on the university's grounds.

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