Title He Whom Revels In Chaos
Race Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role The Insurrectionists
Status Alive
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Probably not."

– Conversation between Specs and Turmoil.

Turmoil (also known as Boss) is the anti-hero of the side story Little Boxes. He is one of the worst examples of ponykind out there, one whom thinks nothing of killing innocent citizens of the wasteland for his own pleasure. Despite this evil, antagonistic nature, he treats those that he knows well. He is emotionally and psychologically damaged as a result of involuntary anti-PMP training.


Little is known about Turmoil, nor how he rose to the head of one of the most dangerous raider bands that has ever existed. All that is known is that the moment he stepped out into the Wasteland to write history, Turmoil has been raising hell and living as if he were to die everyday, that he was born and raised in the old resort city of Brayton, and that he was a part of Red Eye's Army before he left the organization for reasons unknown. Boss/Turmoil runs the raider gang known as the Insurrectionists with his marefriend, Bluebell, and his lieutenants; Hard "Specs" Drive and Morphine.


  • An expert tactician, on par with Four Stripe generals belonging to the Pegasus Enclave.
  • Proficient with most weapons known to ponykind, though he favours a Bowie knife and a specially-modified revolver known as Dewdrop.
  • Amoral
  • Sadistic
  • Vilified by all factions in the Wasteland, especially The Fascists.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Turmoil is inspired by a cross between The Joker and the famous American general George S. Patton. The author believes that Turmoil would be portrayed as an antagonist in almost all other Fallout: Equestria stories.

Theme SongEdit

Theme-The Dark Knight Rises

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