Turbulence by pridark
Turbulence by
~ DAfavicon pridark
Title Major (Enclave)
Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Enclave - Major (former)
Family Foehn (Gaia Prevails)

unnamed parents

Status Alive

Turbulence is a main character in Gaia Prevails.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Turbulence spend his childhood in an Enclave-family, in the shadow of his older sister Foehn, who had always surpassed him in every aspect when she had been his age. As it was expected of him he began training in the Enclave, the youngest age possible.

In the Enclave Edit

While not doing bad in combat, Turbulence sought out a position that challenges his mind, rather than his body. He got an office job in the Enclave in Wasteland supervision, and when Aideen invades Cloud Nine-Two he was sent to interrogate her.

Present Day Edit

During the interrogation he was kidnapped and made into a Dashite, and is actually pretty okay with it. He had always believed the ponies in the wasteland are not bad and deserve the Enclaves help, as a Dashite he can actively help.

Relationships Edit

Aideen Edit

They became acquaintance out of necessity, but her will to play chess with him (even though he has a cutiemark for chess and she loses every game) quickly made them friends. He knows her past makes her incapable of having a notmal relationship but he can't help to lust after the pretty mare.

Cirrus Edit

Cirrus and Turbulence, became Dashites at the same time and started to travel together with Aideen. When he proposed to help Aideen, but as Cirrus seems to have developed a crush on Aideen, a rivalry starts to form between them.

His Family Edit

Turbulence claimed he had been considered the black sheep of the family.

  • unnamed Mother - The the relationship to his mother is unclear, but it was probably a good one as she had been the 'glue' that held that Family together
  • Foehn - Turbulence spend his entire life in the shadow of his older sister, and they haven't talked since their mothers death. When Foehn and Turbulence later met they don't even act like they know each other.
  • unnamed Father - While they lived in the same city Turbulence and his father hardly ever spoke.

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