Tunnel Stallions Rule!!!!!.
Unnamed Tunnel Stallion to Precious
Chapter Alpha
Tunnel Stallions
Notable Members Pompadour


Appearances Hightide

Tunnel Stallions are a faction in Hightide.


Tunnel Stallions consider themselves the 'Rulers of Cool'. The Tunnel Stallions are all residents of Stable 81 underneath Baltimare. Founded by Buzz Cut they are now lead by his grandson, Pompadour. The Tunnel Stallions while opposed to the heavy-handed rule of the Overmare and talk about overthrowing her to form a free Stable their actions do not amount to much. Mostly they can be found spray painting Stable 81's walls with their most popular saying or hanging around the lower levels.

While they do not directly challenge the Overmare they prefer to butt heads with the Overmare's daughter, Precious (Hightide). She see's them as a nuisance acting out against their betters and challenges them to pony up on their threats to escape Stable 81 or overthrow the Overmare. In response the Tunnel Stallions hold Precious hostage in the Stable's entrance and after a standoff with the Overmare and Security ponies open the Stable door leading to the death of several of their members when attacked by The Mother of All Boglurks.

Their status after Stable 81 is sealed once more is currently unknown.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Tunnel Stallions are based on The Tunnel Snakes who inhabit Vault 101 from Fallout 3 [1] and likewise Pompadour is based off of The Tunnel Snakes' leader Butch.

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