Trottingham is a city near the center of the Northern Wastes.



Trottingham was a former earth pony encampment prior to the foundation of Equestria. When all three pony races united under a single flag and created Equestria, Trottingham became the main source of military might in Equestria.


Trottingham had grown into a bustling city with over four million inhabitants, nearly one fourth of them in active duty or on leave.It had the greatest military academy in Equestria, Steal Banded Hooves Academy. Many great military minds, war heroes, and strategists graduated from this academy.

The city often experienced a period known as The Emptiness, when nearly half of its inhabitants would serve abroad and leave the town relatively desolate. It occurred annually and last a few months.

During the WarEdit

When war broke out between the Zebras and Ponies, Trottingham was in high gear. Training barracks were set up, military encampments dotted the outside of the city and over twenty military hospital opened to treat wounded or dying soldiers . Screams of dying soldiers would echo across the city, many saying "the city hurts as this world does".

Despite  the influx of military activity, Stable-Tec was still able to construct a Stable by unknown means. Stable 60 was completed (oddly) two months before the Last Day. It was the largest Stable every to be constructed by Stable-Tec and was able to shelter one hundred thousand ponies. Ponies literally started registering as soon as the Stable was completed for a spot in the Stable.

Days before the Stables completion, Colonel Wicked Blade ordered that a weapon of "extremely, wickedly, and immediate" power be shielded inside the Stable in the case of balefire war. Stable-Tec didn't object.

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