Trixie's Cottage is a minor location in Fallout: Equestria.


Trixie's Cottage is located on the large road between Shattered Hoof Correctional Facility and Manehatten.


The cottage had been built in a way that the front door was facing away from the metropolis of Manehattan. It had taken some damage from the megaspell detonation (mainly from the force of the blast), leaving the front of the building standing while the rest of it has collapsed on itself. There was a recording nailed on the door from Trixie, addressed to a pony by the name of Whitelip, the local milk-buck.


The cottage was owned, as the name implies, by Trixie. Before the Manehattan blast, she was called to Maripony by Twilight Sparkle to demonstrate her invisibility spell. Trixie never returned, and the Manehattan megaspell destroyed the building.

Notable residentsEdit


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