Tornado Dash
Tornado Cropped
Tornado Dash drawn by DeviantArt user: Ginger_Jelly
Full Name Tornado Dash
Title The Stable Wanderer

Little Blue Buddy(Ch.18)

alias Torn

Torny (By Crystal and Cyclone)

Race Pegasus

Cyborg (Robotic eye)(Ch.16)

Sex Male
Faction/Role None

The Steel Rangers (Ch.11)

The Grand Pegasus Enclave Ch.18)

Family Cyclone Flash (Sister - Deceased)

Crystal (Marefriend/future wife) (Ch.18)

Sky - Daughter "Frosty Skies"

Status Alive
  Deceased (Ch.24)
“I’ve heard quite a lot about you, I must say, you’re one brave soul doing what you do -- I wouldn’t do anything like that.”
– Handsome Charmer
Chapter Seventeen

Tornado Dash is a navy blue Pegasus who was raised within Stable 30. He found himself outside of his Stable with no idea how he got there at all, and now is wandering the Wasteland in search for the sister he had lost years before.


Tornado Dash grew up within Stable 30 and he was raised by his parents who were unfortunately killed when Tornado reached the age of six. After that, his sister had been looking after him for over ten years ever since the death of their parents. Years later, Tornado soon found himself outside of Stable 30, covered in all sorts of bodily wounds and then later on gathered small details explaining how his sister was in the Equestrian Wasteland.

Tornado still wanders the Wasteland in hope that he'll reunite himself with her.


Crystal - Tornado's first and closest friend ever since his first day in the Wasteland. She is calm, collective, loyal and caring and she would never leave any pony behind even if it meant risking her own life to save another. It is shown that Tornado is concerned about Crystal's condition after she is revealed to be in a coma. The pair have been shown to be affectionate to one another, showing a possible love interest. Tornado and Crystal are in an intimate relationship from Chapter 18.5 (clop chapter) after revealing their feelings for each other. Since then, the pair were shown to be extremely protective each other. It is later revealed that Crystal was pregnant with Tornado's child by Swift. This leaves Tornado in shock and gives him the difficult choice on either staying to let the rest of the Stable 30 residents to escape or leave with her to care for his child. Eventually, he decides to stay in the Stable so Crystal, Swift, and all of Stable 30 residents. This would leave Crystal in a deep depression for many years. It is revealed in the sequel "Frosty Skies" that Crystal is still heavily affected by Tornado's death and any mention of him by Sky would result her in tears and wanting to be left alone.

Dodge - another one of Tornado's friends who made his first appearance in Chapter Three of The Last Wanderer and he joined Tornado's party in Chapter Six after Tornado and Crystal had saved his life. At the end of Chapter Sixteen, Dodge ordered the party to wait for him to check if the coast was clear for them all to move. The seemingly calm Wasteland made Dodge wander out even further, before returning and once returning, Dodge was sniped into the neck. The wound was large and it tore its way into his air pipe and the top of his lungs, and as Dodge slowly lost his life, Tornado held him in his arms, feeling completely responsible for the death of his friend.

Violet - built within the academy of the Steel Rangers, this mare is as hard as nails and is willing to start fights when needed. However, her violent attitude to anypony who apposes the Steel Rangers can cause some problems... especially when it comes to negotiating.

Cyber & Swift - the two sniper brothers Tornado met are the most recent companions to join him on his quest to reunite himself with the family he has left. The two cockney bucks are a pair of trigger happy, headhunting numbskulls, however, they are a huge help to Tornado when it comes to identifying targets in the distance and eliminating distant enemies.

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