Tom, the unique Rocket Launcher
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Tom is a Unique Rocket Launcher, discovered by Aurora after she killed a base full of Raiders and rescued Arsenal in Ch.4.

The Weapons offical designation is Combat Missile Launcher Mk.II Prototype "Tom".


Tom is a masterfully constructed Rocket Launcher. The metal shines like new, a pearl handle sits near the firing mechanism. Tiny gems are embedded into the status monitoring devices. The name Tom is written in gold flowing letters on the barrel/side of it.

A scope and Trigger mechanism fold out for more precise aiming. The weapon is described as much a weapon as it is a work of art.


Tom was kept in a case that was both locked and sealed. It required the use of a code to open, based on the electronic keypad built into the casing. Arsenal was able to hack the casing for Aurora and get it open. The weapon was placed in crushed velvet,stained dark like red wine. This helped cushion the unique weapon and prevent it from being damaged.

Tom was part of a special project by Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, the weapon was in pristine condition and was ready to be transported to Applejack's ministry for testing and mass production. Aurora carries the weapon with her and refuses to part with it. Scraps tried to hold on to it for her, but Aurora was adamant about carrying it on her person.

Aurora first uses Tom outside Stable 66 were the weapon instantly killed three pony slavers. She uses it again on the inhabitants of Stable 66 who are all mind-controlled drones, controlled with built in computers. Tom displays unique features, like a built in induction field so it can hover up to the eye level of the user, be they an Earth Pony, Unicorn, Alicorn etc.


Tom works the same as almost any regular Rocket Launcher. The weapon is more accurate and the explosive power of the ammunition makes aiming less important, given the splash damage the weapon could unleash.

Tom can generate an induction field and line itself up with it's user, Aurora discovered this when she nearly dropped it. This field allows anyone to use the weapon easily.

The weapon is also able to hook up with a users Pipbuck wirelessly and use the device to establish a target lock on hostiles. The fired rocket will redirect itself if misfired and seek out it's target, much like a heat seeking missile.


  • Tom is the name of a boulder from the show.
  • The original Tom was believed by a brainwashed Rarity to be a Diamond
  • Aurora when asking Scraps about Tom sounds very possessive, like Rarity did
  • Aurora cares about the weapon and feels attached to it
  • The target lock, spell feature is unique to Tom

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