The Tokomare was an ancient device capable of producing tremendous amounts of energy.


Ancient EquestriaEdit

The Tokomare, in the form of an asteroid, crashed in the Hoofington region millenia ago, causing massive devastation that wiped out a former zebra civilization.

During the WarEdit

The Tokomare was discovered beneath Hoofington, as the city dug tunnels deeper and deeper beneath it. The Tokomare became a focal point on cutting edge research, drawing experts from across the world. The Tokomare was discovered as being an extremely advanced piece of alien technology that crashed onto Equestria thousands of years ago and snuffed out the first Zebra civilization. The Tokomare was being studied in the hopes of siphoning massive amounts of power from it, the machine could already generate massive amounts at just a hundredth of a percent.



The Tokomare is built by an even more advanced civilization than wartime Equestria. It is made from Star Metal, which Mr. Horse had previously theorized as being advanced alien technology, the discovery of the Tokomare likely confirmed his theory. Despite being buried beneath mountains of earth and colliding with Equestria at immense speeds, the Tokomare is still operational, albeit mostly inert. 

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