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Lord Tirek, or simply known as Tirek, is a demigod and a centaur, also the older brother of Scorpan. While he has never appeared in the Fallout: Equestria canon, he has appeared at least one side-story so far. Currently, he is imprisoned in Tartarus. If he was still alive, he would be over thousands, if not millions (or centuries), of years old.

Personality Edit

Tirek is evil, sadistic, narcissistic, and driven by an obsessive desire for power. He has a violent temper and fierce nature, as seen during his battle with Twilight Sparkle (which is never seen in the Fallout: Equestria canon). He is also very manipulative and highly persuasive when striking a deal. However, while Tirek may hold up his end of a bargain in some cases, he is dishonest and traitorous, not hesitating to turn on and dispose of anyone whose usefulness has expired, like Discord.

Abilities Edit

While nowhere seen in the main canon, his power far surpasses even for alicorns, as he can drain ponies' magic spells, starting with unicorns, and then later earth ponies, pegasi and even alicorns. The more magic he absorbs, the more powerful he becomes, with his size that towers Ponyville, to the point where he would become unstoppable (any weapons or magical-powered weapons would be proven useless against him; even the Megaspell would become futile in his monstrosity). His major setback, however, are the Elements of Harmony, which can strip his powers and reverting him back into his weakened, frail form.

Appearances in Side Stories Edit

Silence Edit

Tirek has been frequently mentioned by the Cobras leader, Bleak Venom, who claims that he would surpass Tirek himself. This itself, in theory, may become false. This became true when the Alicorns had vaporized the unfortunate pony, even stating the fact that Tirek is confirmed to be really imprisoned in Tartarus before Bleak Venom's untimely demise.

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