Tinker is an earth pony filly who primarily travels with Felix in All That Remains


Tinker was born and raised in the town of Celestia's Rose, a small village south of New Oatleans. She doesn't talk about her past much, and would rather forget what happened to her. 

A little under a year ago, Tinker and most of the other foals of Celestia's Rose were kidnapped from the town by slavers, who used a raider attack to distract the adults while they took anyone too young to fight back. After that, she was dragged along with them until only she and 2 colts were left un-sold by the slavers for reasons she can only guess at. She claims it was because they were too old for anyone to want, but doesn't know the real reason she was unwanted.

She started travelling with Felix and Shayle after they saved her from the slavers, but has grown closer to and more comfortable with Felix than his sister.

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