Thunder-Child is a uniqely named steam powered rifle, owned by Dead-Shot.


The rifle originally belonged to a well dressed Diamond Dog who Pink-E nicknamed Mister Pips. When Pink-E tried to Mesmerize Mister Pips a second time with her Mesmetron, he suffered a rare fatal reaction and his head exploded. This triggered a collapse of the Slimm Pass, his rifle Thunder-Child bouncing to safety and carried by Dead-Shot who at the time, didn't know it was named.

Dead-Shot discovered it was called Thunder-Child when his PipBuck identified it, before he used it to fire at a Diamond Dog mech/walker that ambushed him and the Vikeans he was travelling with.


The weapon is highly ornate and decorative, using a steam powered firing mechanism as opposed to a gunpowder based one, like traditional firearms. The trigger is built for creatures with opoosable digits i.e, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs & Griffins. The weapon has massive recoil compared to regular firearms, Dead-Shot's first time firing it dislodged two teeth and broke his jaw. The rifle uses .308 calibre slugs like the similarly designed Mouthkicker.

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