The Typhon was an experimental new ship built by the Enclave a long time ago, before my mom left them. It was supposed to be the most advanced warship ever built.
– Bluesky
The Typhon was an advanced warship built by the Grand Pegasus Enclave that went down in the city of Neigh Orleans sometime prior to the events of Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel.

History Edit

Development Edit

The Enclave built the Typhon as a supplement to their air forces in the event that it was needed. Considered to be the most advanced warship ever developed, it was put under the command of Captain Leeway after it was completed and sent into the southern part of Equestria.

What the Enclave didn't realize was that the Captain and part of the crew had intended to use it to help Ponies, going against the Enclave's beliefs.

Crash Landing and Aftermath Edit

The Typhon crash landed under unknown circumstances in Ground Zero, the area of Neigh Orleans where the megaspells had gone off. The crew that survived the crash where exposed to the Firerain phenomenon, which either killed them or turned them into Burning Pony Ghouls.

Re-Discovery Edit

Ruby Starlight and her companions while investigating the source of the Firerain phenomenon in Ground Zero came across the Typhon. The captain agreed to open talks with Applejack's Rangers and the New Canterlot Republic in order to get it flying again.

Notes Edit

  • The Typhon seems to be partially based on the Prydwyn from Fallout 4.

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