A Fallout Equestria: Aurora location

Pre-War Edit

The Storeroom is a stable-like facility buried under the Manely Mechanical shop on the outskirts of Ponyville. Initially designed as a safe house, Sparx had the facility loaded with provisions and stockpiled some personal weaponry there. Roughly the size of a small warehouse, the Storeroom has two bedrooms, a kitchen and a workshop (given the shop it was built under).

Current Edit

Sparx and company escape form Ponyville raiders into the underground bunker and use the time to recuperate and learn a bit more about the two hundred year old cryo-pony. The Storeroom is sealed though a keyed access panel and electronic PIN interface of which only three ponies knew the access to. Upon leaving, the group exits through a rear access tunnel that only can be opened from inside the facility, leading to a rather inconspicuous ponyhole in the middle of a field. The door has to be left open and their exit doesn't go unnoticed as a gray pegasus ghoul observes them leave. The Storeroom now ripe for scavenging. Even Sparx knows little of what may be stored down there.

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