"All the new ponies automaticly get the name of Rookie, and thats who you are, you are the Rookie"


The Rookie is one of the many personalities of Patient 72. The Rookie was a SWAT officer of the city of Las Pegasus, then eventually Stalliongrad. Although they may seem like seperate personalities, all the personalities of Patient 72 are actually the fragmented pieces of who Patient 72 used to be. The Rookie is the most dominant Personallity of Patient 72, shy yet fierce at aerial combat and has shown to prove true the myth that everysingle Stalliongrader is a sniper.


5 years before the war began, The Rookie joined the Las Pegasus SWAT team. Through multiple flashbacks and recordings, Patient 72 learns of the history of him and Patient 71(aka Surgeon). For 2 years The Rookie operates as the team's infiltration specialist, and has been rumored to be able to break into a drug runners hideout in 10 seconds flat. When not running as a infiltraion specialist, he pulls the duty as the team's designated markspony, and eventually picks up redementary medical skills from the team's medic, Surgeon.

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