This story my listeners keeps writing itself and it has been for the past two-hundred years. The first sentence of this story was written on the day when the bombs fell, on the day when all of Ponykind was said to be extinct if not, maybe even during Pre-War times. And for generations, this story has carried itself out, as it keeps writing itself, giving us what I like to call ‘A Neverending Story’.
– The Radio Presenter
The Last Wanderer, Chapter Eighteen.
The Radio Presenter is an unknown pony who broadcasts the latest news across the Wasteland and the local radio station.
The Radio Presenter
Full Name Unknown
Title None
alias None
Race Presumed: Unicorn
Sex Male
Faction/Role The Steel Rangers
Status Alive


Little is known about the young buck behind the microphone, though within his history, it was possible that he used to be part of the Steel Ranger order and fought against the Enclave, hence why he despises the Enclave as much as he does. It could also be possible that some of his closest loved ones were taken by the Enclave, again, signalling why he may hate the Enclave.


He has quite a high reputation, as many ponies tune in to listen to his voice and broadcasts no matter where they are in the Wastes. Much like Tornado, he is considered a friend to those who enjoy getting the latest news on what the current situation is, and some want him dead for making up 'lies' about their certain faction or lifestyle thus being the reason why he doesn't reveal his identity.

He has been known to look down on the Wasteland, invading pony's privacy and then making news reports about it for the sake of entertainment purposes.


His location has barely been hinted, though he may sometimes says he is in one place but he never is. There are many rumors speculating about him being in the mountains and even some explaining how he might be in a small town called 'Destiny' which is not far off of Sunnyvale. Destiny is a quiet, (almost) abandoned town where no pony ever thinks to look, the perfect hiding place.

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