The Project
Leaders(s) The Director
Notable Members Sim


Appearances Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy

The Project is a faction vying for control of New Pegasus in the fanfiction Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy.

History Edit

During the War Edit

During the Great War, Project Legacy was a secret project employed by Stable-Tec in order to prepare for the possibility of a megaspell apocalypse. The intention was to use the DNA of the Ministry Mares in order to create ponies to help Equestria after the end.

After the Project was endorsed by Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash was the first of the Ministry mares to volunteer. They set up shop in Stable 112 and perfected the process, leading to the conception of Rain Runner and 5 other ponies.

When the Megaspells went off, the 6 children where placed in magical stasis along with the Pony in charge of the Project.

New Pegasus Edit

On the day of Sunshine and Rainbows the Pony in charge of Project Legacy left stasis and set the remaining pods to open in a few years.

Later the Project re-emerged in New Pegasus when rumors of Ponies in the casinos being drugged. The Omaretas member Bluejay got Rain Runner to agree to reveal their actions and she was taken by a Stallion named Sim and encountered a mare named Corona.

Ponies Made by The Project Edit

Rain Runner Edit

The First successful conception by the Project, Rain is the daughter of Rainbow Dash. She was the last pony to leave Stable 112 and made her way to New Pegasus.

Crystal Belle Edit

The daughter of Rarity, Crystal Belle left Stable 112 and eventually wound up as a singer in the Aces lounge in the Double Diamond Casino.

Joy Edit

Not much is known about her other than that she passed through Maresprings some time before Rain and Crystal.

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