The Party Time Cocktail is the Hotel specialty drink served at The Chariot Hotel and was created by the bartender Bottle O'Jack. It is more commonly referred to as The Forget-Me-Shot due to the effect of causing you to forget the night you drank it.

It is made by combining one part apple whiskey, two parts wild pegasus, 3 containers of Party Time Mint-als, half a fixer, a dash of dash, some fantsy cakes for flavor, and a pinch of rad-scorpion venom.

Side Effects may include; headache, stomachache, muscle spasms, a numbness of the tongue, 10% chance of dash addiction, 70% chance of mint-al addiction, minor rad-scorpion poisoning, and 6 to 24 hours of memory loss, hence the nickname Forget-Me-shots, all amounting to one hell of a hangover.

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