The Orphanage is one of Poneva City's resistance movements. They are led by Mayor Salacity. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


The Orphanage is an underground resistance organization that is operating in Poneva city. They cooperate with the World Tree Company, distributing a portion of their food throughout Poneva's populace, and supplying the outlying settlements around the city. They are well-organized, using several hidden, and not always occupied, hideouts placed throughout Poneva city to coordinate and execute supply runs and raids, among other clandestine operations.

They are described as the less extreme cousins to the other Ponevan resistance group, the Fallen Angels, by Steam Sprocket.


Not much is currently known about the Orphanage's history.

As of late however, in the present-day Northern Wasteland, the Orphanage has come under attack by an unknown foe, whose first contact with them ended with the brutal murders of a dozen Orphanage ponies at a remote hideout in Poneva's Inner City. Painted with their blood across a wall, as Red Dawn discovered, upon entering the hideout, were the words: Darkness is coming, suggesting that whatever this darkness is, is coming for the rest of the Orphanage too, and to a greater, more terrifying extent, perhaps even the rest of the city and its inhabitants.

Whatever it may be that is killing them, the Orphanage is in grave danger.

Known MembersEdit

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