Developed by Arcano Technologies, the LAW class weapon range was intened to be the next major step in weapon development.

The LAW program developed three weapons:

  • Jury: Small Arms Pistol.
  • Judge: Rapid-fire Shotgun.
  • Executioner: Assault Rifle.

All three weapons were based on magical linear accelaration and powered by standard energy cells.

Linear Arcane Weapons TechnologyEdit

LAW technology was developed shortly before the end of the great war and was perfected mere months after the balefire bombs fell.

Energy from a power cell imbues Hydrogen and Oxygen from the air with magical energy to form a high energy, unstable projectile. By varying the embodied energy and firing the projectile at different speeds to achieve varying effects on its target.

All LAW weapons are limited in how much energy they can imbue into a projectile and how quickly they can fire. It is possible to exceed these limits through use custom software settings, accessed through a PipBuck, but at the risk of damaging or even destroying the weapon.

Jury has the greatest range of shots but lacks the volume of fire to fell large or numerous targets. 

Judge is biased towards eliminating multiple short range targets and can also be configured to breach at point blank range.

Executioner is designed to lay down high volumes of powerful fire in sustained bursts. It is also capable of acting a sniper weapon on highly armoured targets but lacks the range of a traditional sniper weapon.

Pistol: JuryEdit

The first of the LAW weapons, Jury is a light weight pistol. With the greatest range customisation of all LAW weapons, Jury was intened to replace all small arms produced for the Ministry of Wartime Technology. The prototype weapon was given to the first Overmare of Stable 17 as a gift by the Head of Arcano Technologies shortly before the balefire bombs fell.

Shotgun: JudgeEdit

The second LAW weapon, Judge is a compact and highpower shotgun style weapon that utalises Linear Arcane Technology to have a greater effective range than a standard shot gun and is even capable of breaching doors and walls in urban combat scenarios.

Assault Rifle: ExecutionerEdit

The final LAW weapon, Executioner was the most powerful Assault Rifle of the era and could have perhaps turned the tide of the war had it ever made it to full production. Capable of laying down high volume fire over ranges that far exceeded the standard assault rifles of the age or being able to act as a short range sniper on highly armoured targets, Exectioner was a "master class in death". 

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