This article refers to the magical artifacts called the Elements of Harmony. For their original bearers, see the Ministry Mares.

The Elements of Harmony are magical artifacts which play a key role in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (notably in the defeat of Nightmare Moon and Discord) and Fallout: Equestria.


Pre-War and Post-WarEdit

The Elements of Harmony were depicted as golden jewelry, each with a unique coloured and shaped gem embedded in them. For example, the element of Magic was a tiara adorned with a star-shaped magenta gemstone, while the other elements were necklaces with the gems shaped as their bearer's cutie marks.

Modern dayEdit

Since the Elements have been given new bearers, they have taken a new form.

Ancient EquestriaEdit

Long before the Great War, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna discovered and subsequently used the Elements to defeat Discord, turning him into stone. An undetermined amount of time later, Celestia used the elements to banish Nightmare Moon to the moon for 1000 years. The elements were left in the old royal castle within Everfree Forest.

Before the WarEdit

They remained unused until Nightmare Moon returned to Equestria, only this time they were used by the Ministry Mares-to-be. The elements purified Nightmare Moon, turning her back into Luna and destroying most of her armor. Approximately one year later, Discord broke free of his stone prison, the Elements of Harmony having lost their connection to Celestia and Luna. Discord managed to initially hide the Elements and almost defeat the Mane 6, but the Element's bearers wielded them once again, repetrifying Discord.



The Elements are now in the hooves of their new bearers and were finally used to power up the Gardens of Equestria and purge a majority of the lethal contaminants that infected the wasteland, including taint and radiation. After Gardens of Equestria, the Elements transformed from the original Necklace form into a newer PipBuck-like appearance as shown in the Afterword.



Pre-War and During the WarEdit

Present Day Edit