The Decrusted is a unique minigun, owned and used by the Steel Ranger, Rumcake. It was sold to him by Happy Hills, resident gun salespony, Sleazy McCheapkins.


The Decrusted was originally supposed to be sold as part of a pair of miniguns, the other being the PB&J Toasted Terror Minigun, Sleazy wasn't able to acquire its partner as the balefire fallout occurred before it could be delivered. Sleazy owned the gun for 200 years before deciding to sell it to Rumcake who needed a quieter heavy weapon, than his grenade machine gun.

The Decrusted was used to wipe out a camp of Raiders/Slavers by Rumcake and is now carried as one of his primary weapons, Rumcake himself has become quite attached to the minigun too.



The main body of the minigun is a matte gray and the weapon barrels are painted a dark purple. All five of the minigun’s barrels are fitted with pale brown silencers each embedded with a tiny orange gem.


The weapon has been enchanted to be silenced, making it an effective heavy weapon and a stealth weapon as well.

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