The so-far nameless Changeling protagonist of the sidefic "Change". He is an amnesiac searching for love to sustain himself while being influence by the disembodied voice of Queen Chrysalis. He calls himself "Worker" in lieu of his real name.


Alive before the war, Worker participated in the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot and was blasted away with the rest of the Hive and his friends Fugax and Maggie. It is unclear how much of the war he and the Hive experienced, but it is clear that they had a very small influence and were slowly dieing off by war's end, love having become a scarce resource. After that his memories stop, and he begins his journey by waking up in a cave, apparently re-hatching from an egg. Whether he is the last of his kind or not is unknown.



Typical for any Changeling, he has blue, pupil-less eyes, and his body is entirely black and chitinous. He also possesses the usual thin, translucent wings of his species.


Driven mostly by instinct, he is highly observant and will jump at any opportunity to eat more love—it is his main motivation. He has moments of vanity, but is perfectly capable of empathizing with those around him. However, most ponies react violently to his appearance and so he tends to be paranoid and very weary of them, even when disguised as their friends.


Naturally able to disguise himself magically, he relies on extrapolation, observation, and instinct to fool his prey and predators. He has little experience with firearms, and prefers to out-wit or out-run rather than fight his opponents. However, this fails more often than not, and he has shown himself to be a superior fighter in close quarters, mostly thanks to his fangs and the element of surprise that comes with his disguising ability. He is capable of casting other spells, but his magic is weak and all he has managed so far is basic telekinesis.

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