Terminal Secrets is an audio drama produced by EAST Corp Productions. The series plans to run for six episodes and has already reached its third with HUNGER. The series focuses on Butterfly Stitch, an analyst working in Stable X, and the stories she encounters by reviewing the Stables. She is also aided by friends and an intelligent A.I., known as The Crusader Mainframe, or STELLA for short.

The series has a dark theme throughout but is intelligent in its depections of its characters and experiments.

Synopsis Edit

Butterfly Stitch is tasked with viewing and making notes on the various experiments in the stables across equestria.

Setting Edit

Butterfly Stitch's work station. A terminal connected with a Crusader mainframe...and it has a built in coffee maker.

Alternatively, which ever stable she is making notes on.

Characters Edit

Butterfly Stitch- an analyst mare in Stable X.

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