Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave
Status Alive
Tempest is a pegasus stallion and a staff seargent in the Grand Pegasus Enclave's military.


Tempest lead one of numerous squads who were scouring the wasteland in search of Mach during the first days of his defection. Tempest lead his squad into Stable 17, reasoning that Mach would want to stay close to the skies, much to the confusion of his squadmates, evidenced in a log entry made by Brightlance.

Tempest cornered Mach in the Stable, catching him off guard, Mach was able to distract Tempest long enough for the Minotaur protecting Stable 17 to attack the seargent. Tempest was injured by the minotaur, his leg broken and his weapons gone, he had no choice but to beg Mach for help. Mach dragged Tempest to safety, managing to seal the stable before the minotaur could gore either of them. Tempest tried to kill Mach with a pistol that misfired, he was disarmed but spared by Mach, much to his shock and surprise.



Tempest is clearly a firm believer in the Enclave's philosophy. He reacts to what he considers 'Dashite' ideals with scorn and disdain, citing that the Enclave looks after its own. He hated asking Mach for assistance and was willing to kill Mach after being rescued by him. He reacted with complete shock upon being spared by Mach, left speechless by the act of mercy.


Though having questionable tactical sense in searching for Mach, Tempest was able to sneak up on an unprepared Mach. He was also able to rise to the rank of a staff seargent, hinting at competency in leading troops.

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