Tankbuster is a unique shotgun owned by Goldwreath. It is his primary weapon during his adventures in New Roam.

Goldwreath by spyroconspirator-d5nlvyy (1)

Goldwreath Flying with Tankbuster and his Gladius
~ DAfavicon SpyroConspirator


Tankbuster is a shotgun that originally came from Equestria. It was found within a safe, located in the ruins of a pre-war shop outside Roam. The shotgun was originally given to a pre-war zebra, presumably the husband of Zecora, if the letter found with it is to be believed. Goldwreath ditches his carbine for the Shotgun as it suits him more than the long range weapon.

Goldwreath discovers Tankbuster earns its name, the weapon having massive firepower/recoil when fired. The shotgun is even capable of piercing power armour, likely how it earned its name, given that a pony in power armor can be a literal walking tank.


  • Far more powerful than other shotgun variants
  • Was made in Equestria
  • Capable of destroying armored aircraft engines

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