Sweetie Pie, introduced in Chapter One: Unlucky Genetics, is one of the many desirable mares in Stable 13.

Sweetie Pie  is a side character in the the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.

Sweetie Pie
Full Name Sweetie Pie
Race earthpony
Sex mare
Faction/Role Stable 13 Desirable
Family Studson (husband), Golden Glow (mistress)
Status Alive

History Edit

Past Edit


Present Edit

She walked into the desirable bathroom to meet her mistress Golden Glow and overhears the name of her husband Studson. Wondering the context she asks "What about Studson?" which alerts Golden to the fact that she is having sex with the wrong mare. After Clash bucks Golden in the face, Sweetie runs to her lovers side and coddles her; assuring her that ugliness isn't contagious.

Relationships Edit

Studson Edit

Studson is a desirable stallion and Sweetie's assigned mate in stable 13.

Golden Glow Edit

Golden Glow is a fellow desirable mare and Sweetie's mistress.

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