Sweeps was a Paragon from Stable 87. She grew up there, alongside Ripple and the rest of the Paragons. Sweeps was romantically interested in Ripple and became a Paragon to try and catch his fancy.



Sweeps grew up in Stable 87 where she developed a romantic interest in Ripple. This eventually led her to become a Paragon so she could be close to Ripple.

Modern DayEdit

Sweeps was sent by Hate to finish off Ripple, when it became known that he was still alive. Sweeps did massive damage to Blank, including killing the towns guards and painting the walls with their blood. Her Rocket Launcher demolished two buildings, in her pursuit to kill Ripple.

She wielded two custom built miniguns and a Rocket Launcher, in conjunction with her powerful telekinesis which could stop bullets from hitting her. She was killed when Ashred distracted her by firing his powerful rifle at her and Ripple knocked a heavy T shaped sign on her. She was crushed beneath the sign and died soon afterwards.

Ripple buried her outside Flank, leaving a boulder with her name and an apology as a marker.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Sweeps used two Miniguns that she had customized. She also used a rocket launcher. Her Telekinesis allowed her to use all three weapons at once. Sweeps could also stop bullets in mid air, blocking buckshot and high caliber rifle rounds.

She also wore a PipBuck. Shade transferred the data on the Pipbuck to Ripple's own PipBuck.

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