Saving these dead ponies won't change shit, Lightning Dust. Anypony still down here or without a pair of wings is already dead!
Title Captain
Race Pegasus Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Equestria
Family Unknown
Status Dead

Sunspot, first introduced in Chapter 12, was a Pegasus Pony stallion who served in the Equestrian military during the Great War. He is a minor recurring character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Sunspot can be described as cold and calculating, and appears to be bigoted towards Unicorns and [Earth Pony|Earth Ponies]]. This was demonstrated during the evacuation of Poneva city and attempted to leave behind Sparen and Holly because his sky-tank had reached weight capacity. He turned them away despite Holly being a young filly, seemingly uncaring about even a foal.

Despite appearing to be a stalwart commanding officer, he eventually broke down when General Spitfire spoke to all the pegasi on the comms about the dreadful fate of Equestria following the balefire bombs.


During the WarEdit

Sunspot served in Equestrian military at the beginning of the Great War, for several years. Sunspot fought alongside his fellow pegasi in the Northern Campaign in Equestria's winter front in an effort to drive the invading Zebras out of the Crystal Borderlands until the war's last day.

He was present during the Poneva's last days, and participated in the city's evacuation. However, while en route to Stormpeak inside his squad's sky-tank, a balefire ICBM struck Poneva city and the resulting shockwave wiped out his cloudship's engines, which caused the sky-tank to plummet out of the sky. Sunspot is presumably killed either when the sky-tank made impact, or when the balefire came and incinerated whoever and whatever was left of the wreckage.


Sunspot is a capable flier and shooter, utilizing his shoulder-mounted, twin-linked magical energy casters to bring down foes both on the ground and in the air.

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