The Sunny Days Company, known as the SDC, in short, is a plantation that operates in Poneva city. They are featured prominently in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


The Sunny Days Company, led by Alder Blaze, is one of the largest plantations in Poneva city. They, however, grow crops and exotic plants to produce chems and potions of all sorts, distributing their goods throughout the Equestrian wasteland. They use slaves to cultivate their crops; these crops are grown through an unknown process that can somehow purify water and farmland without the use of water talismans or talismans of any nature.

The SDC uses several organizations to run its business. The Palomino Mafia , a long time friend of the SDC's leadership, serves as their defense against enemy conflicts and protectors of company interests. The Silver Horseshoe Society , controlling the remains of Poneva's factory district, manufactures their goods, which the SDC then distributes.

They are highly aggressive, and hold a monopoly on the drug business in Poneva city, brutally crushing or assimilating all competitors. They are at war with the World Tree Company and the East Eden Company and vie for control over wasteland commerce.


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