Sundae, introduced in the Epilogue of Unscrewed Audio Files, is the secretary to the mayor/temporary mayor of Recurrence.

Full Name Sundae
Title Mayor (temporarily)
Race Canterlot Ghoul
Sex mare
Faction/Role Recurrence
Status Alive
Sundae is a minor character in both Unscrewed Audio Files and Brittleshine's Quest Audio Files.

Histroy Edit

Before the War Edit


During the War Edit


After the War Edit

Became a Canterlot Ghoul following the fall of Canterlot. She may have been a resident of Stable 1, but it is unknown if she was.

Present Edit

She eavesdropped on Brittleshine while she was listening to her sister's recordings. she then suggests that Screwloose might still be alive. Brittle originally rejects her idea before considering a line from Pinkie Pie from the recordings. When asked Sundae shares her knowledge of Pinkies' prediction powers from "The Book of Littlepip"

When Brittleshine sets out on her quest, Sundae is chosen to be Mayor of Recurrence while she is gone.

Relationships Edit

Brittleshine Edit

Her boss.

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